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He also said that he had to eat in the early morning, burn the jade soup and drink it, and have a good meal at lunch.
  When the new jade seedlings grow into two leaves, the first master returns to the village to find food. The grain of his family is gone. He wanted to smash a big village. Every family’s grain tank leaked a handful of wheat. The pot left a noodle, which was enough for him and the blind dog to survive the drought. However, when he returned to the village, he suddenly discovered that the portals of each family were locked, and the spider web was pulled from the side of the village street. He first returned to his home, clear and clear that the grain cylinder had been swept away, but he still looked at the tank and touched it into the can. After withdrawing his hand, he put his finger in his mouth and licked it. The pure white smell of the face immediately turned into his mouth, and he ran through the body. 300-085He took a deep breath, swallowed the smell, and came out to set up on the village street. The illuminating daylight, a layer of uniform gold liquid flowing in the village, in the middle of the dead, can hear the sound of the sunlight falling on the eaves. The prince thought that the people in a mountain have escaped, and the thief is starved to death without being sunburned. My grandmother, do you lock the door to prevent my lord? The more I guard against me, the more I have to turn it over. Wall, the prince said that no one can leave some food? Do not leave the food and drought in the past to come back to eat 啥 children? Do not leave the grain to lock the door to dry up? The prince stood at a door. This is the home of a nephew of the same family. The prince went to the front of the family and went to the door of an old widow. When the old widow is young, she will give the first master a pair of boots with thousands of layers of wool every winter. Now the old widow is dead, and her son lives in this old house. Thinking of the warmth that this house brought to him, he always stayed in his empty heart as long as the years, and the first master paid attention to the door for a while, and walked silently forward. His footsteps were lonely and loud. In the early years, 500-260the logging of green forests and deep forests echoed in the village. The gates of a family locked down, and the ship was usually drawn from his feet.
  He finally left the village again and again. The sun is already in the sky. It should be burned again at lunch. The scorpion is here, he muttered, saying that it would let me turn over the wall of the house, and I would turn the wall of the house.
  The prince is on the mountain beam – scorpion – scorpion – you say who I am looking for?
  Answering the silence of the prince is boundless.
  The prince was discouraged, sat down and took a bag of cigarettes, and went empty-handed to the slope of eight and a half. Going back there, the blind dog shook his tail and walked down the sound, licking his head on his trousers. The lord ignored it. The prince took the hoe from the banyan tree, took a bowl under the scaffolding, and began to dig it from the ground. After the third scorpion, the prince digs out two jade glutinous grains that were originally planted. Huang Cancan is intact and burned by the sun. According to the distance that the first lord planted, the first lord had one and two seeds. About half of the mountain beam is long, and the empty bowl is full of jade.
  I ate a fried jade grain.
  When eating the fried jade glutinous rice in the water, the prince and the blind dog sat in the shade of the scaffolding, and the cold Dinger laughed. Every family has food for me, and the first master said, I went to the ground for a day, enough for us to eat for two days. However, when you go to other places to plan, it is not so easy. He didn’t know how far away people were when they planted them. There are still many homes. At that time, in order to catch the seeds before the rain, the half-sized boys and girls were all squatting, and they were high and low, the size of the force, the spacing of the seeds, and the gap. It is far less uniform and regular than the seed of the first lord. In previous years, each sowing
  It is decided that the baby will not be slapped. This drought has messed up the children.
  The lord can no longer plan to eat for three days by him and the blind dog. 500-452The first master can sweat for a day, and he can eat for two days when he is comfortable. He can only eat one day if he doesn’t. The jade seedlings grow taller day by day, and the sound of its growth in the quiet night is subtle and tender, just like the breathing of a sleeping baby. At that time, the prince and the dog sat on the edge of the seedlings of the jade, resting on the body for a day, listening to the breath of the jade, feeling the bones and joints of the body were hot and comfortable. The moon came out, and the woman’s face was hanging on the empty head. The stars were bright around the moon, and the buttons on the new clothes during the New Year’s Day were adorned with a piece of pure blue silk. At this time, the first master will ask the blind dog. He said the blind man. Are you good with several bitches when you are young?
  The dog smiled at him with a blank face.
  He said that you are telling the truth, there is no other person here, only the trick, the night is quiet.
  The dog still glared at him with his face.
  Not to mention, even the first sigh, a little frustrated place to smoke, said to the sky, how young is good, there is strength in the body, there are women at night. If the woman is smart again, she will return to the water from the field, and she will give you water, and there will be sweat on her face. She will give you a fan, and give you a warm blanket in the snow. In the night, she was restless. When she got up in the morning, she would go down to the ground. She would say that she was tired all night, and you should sleep for a while. On such a day, the first lord took a sip of smoke, spit it out like a long dike, and put his hand on the back of the dog, saying that such a day is different from the day of the gods.
  First Lord asked, have you ever had such a day?
  The blind dog is silent.
  The first master said that you said the blind man, did the man come to the world for such a day? The first master no longer asked the blind dog to answer. He asked himself and said, yes. It is said that it is not old, but old is for a tree, a grass, a bunch of grandchildren and grandchildren are alive. Living is better than death. When the first man said this, he took a sip of smoke, and by the fire he saw the sound of the growth of the jade stalking toward his ear. Looking around to the jade seedlings, I saw that the top of the knees was suddenly scattered, and another leaf bud was earned from the pale purple light yellow, 350-018a round roll like a fine Liudi. There are already nine leaves that are clearly curved and bent on the seedlings. Standing up from the ground, took a donkey and planted a nest under the seedling. He and the blind dog both urinated in the nest, poured three bowls of water in the nest, covered the soil, fell into the ground, and fell under the jade. Surrounded by a small mound. I was afraid that there was a strong wind suddenly, and the seedlings were blown off from the roots. The first lord returned to the village overnight, and found four banquets. Four feet away from the jade, four sticks under the pile, and the four-seat banquet The wall is surrounded by a wall. At the time of Zana’s banquet, the prince said the scorpion, and went back to the village to find some ropes, and the ropes would do. The blind dog groped and walked along the Liang Road with deep feet. When the moon moved to the moon, it was back with the straw hat that the prince tore in the wind.
  The prince used the straw hat to tie the banquet to the pile. Not enough belts, but also used his own black belt. After all this work, the East has been white. The banquet circle is in the morning faint, such as a small vegetable garden in front of the farmhouse. The lonely jade in the garden, standing in the middle of the flagpole, lived a rich life, thirsty and hungry, and there was a straw mat in the dome at noon to shade it, so it was joyous and joyous, five After seven days, the competition came to the outside.

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